Tuesday, July 28, 2009


WE finally did it! We bought a camping trailer! Haha you thought that we bought a house. At this point it feels like we will never get a house. So we bought a trailer. I guess that if it is bad enough we can go live in that.J/K. We are really excited. The kids are asking if we can sleep in it everynight. I've been cleaning it and getting ready to go. We are hoping to go next weedend. Aaron is going on a horse trip in the mountains with my dad. And I am going to see Harry Potter in the IMAX 3D! I am so excited to go. I didn't see it in the regular theater so I see it in the Imax. So we are excited for our new trailer. It gives us something fun to and get out of here.

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  1. Well you sure tricked me! How's it going? have you been camping a ton? We are back in UTah