Thursday, August 27, 2009

1st day of 1st grade

I just dropped my little boy off for 1st grade. I can't believe how big he is . I kept asking him if he wanted to take a cold lunch and he said "no, why?" He is so big. I am so proud of him. The big boy that he is becoming. He is playing soccer again this season and he just loves it, and he is good at it. It seems like yesterday we were moving to Clovis, NM with a 5 month old baby. Now he is turning 7 and going to school all day. I am so proud of him. And I love him very much.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


WE finally did it! We bought a camping trailer! Haha you thought that we bought a house. At this point it feels like we will never get a house. So we bought a trailer. I guess that if it is bad enough we can go live in that.J/K. We are really excited. The kids are asking if we can sleep in it everynight. I've been cleaning it and getting ready to go. We are hoping to go next weedend. Aaron is going on a horse trip in the mountains with my dad. And I am going to see Harry Potter in the IMAX 3D! I am so excited to go. I didn't see it in the regular theater so I see it in the Imax. So we are excited for our new trailer. It gives us something fun to and get out of here.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

On his way!!!

Our 6 weeks is finally over! Ya. He is on his way home, he will be here some time tomarrow. Everyone has said how fast these 6 weeks have gone, but for us they have gone by really slow of course. Hannah has had the hardest time with her daddy gone. She has really missed him. So has Haylee she is a daddy's girl. Every time the phone rings now she says "dadda". If you ask Connor if he misses his dad he says " I really don't care." Not very nice I know that he really did miss him. We all did. He is going to start working at Salt Lake Airport on Tuesday. They are not waisting any time getting him started. We have all been waiting a long time for this. We are hoping to start the house hunt soon. The kids know now that daddy is working that we are going to get a new house. They are excited. WE are ready to be settled. I hate going to our storage unit. I can't wait to be done with it. We don't have any trips planned this summer. With Aaron starting a new job we don't know what his schedule will be. We are just going to focus on finding a house. Wish us good luck, I hear right now is the time to buy!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

So far

Okay so Aaron is finally in Oklahoma. I drove with him last week. We took Haylee with us(she can still fly for free) Connor and Hannah were off to Aunt Becky's and Grandma Greenwood's and Grandma Lesher's. I was only gone for 6 days. They got to spend time with everyone. By the time Friday rolled around i was ready to leave. With the swine flu going on ,and I was going to be flying I wanted to get home to be with my kids and be there in case anything were to happen.
I was really proud of myself I didn't even cry when I left Aaron. Of course I will miss him but i was ready to get home to my kids and be done traveling. We figure driving was about 20 hours. We had to stop every 3 for Haylee. It was a long trip. Aaron has started school. He says that it is boring. He learns it really fast and there isn't much to it. I am hoping that he can come home over memorial day it would be a break right in the middle of the 6 weeks. It has only been 3 days, but we are doing okay. I am hoping to get caught up on some projects. With it being the end of the school year the kids have a lot going on at school. And the swimming pools will open soon. So i hope that the next 5 1/2 weeks will go by fast. But who is counting right!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Monday, April 13, 2009

So I had to take Haylee to a nutrionist today. She is 19 months old and only weighs 16 and a half pounds! She is in the zero percent tile. So we have to "power pack" her. Extra calories! How would that be to eat all you want TO gain weight. She has 3 weeks to gain 1 pound. I hope that she can do it. She is so little. Everyone always asks how old she is and is surprised that she is 19 months old.
By the way for anyone who doesn't know yet. She is FINALLY walking! She started to walk about 3 weeks ago, and hasn't stopped. She is so quite too. She walks up to you and you didn't hear her so you turn around , and knock her over. I guess that she figured out that she out walk faster than scooting to get away from the kids.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Aaron finally has a school date. May 1. We are so excited. We have been waiting 6 months for this. We had no idea that it would take so long. Waiting and not knowing was a killer. His school is in Oklahoma City. He will be there for 6 weeks. We figure 6 weeks is nothing when he was in Iraq for 6 months. After he is done at school, he will start working at the Salt Lake airport. While he goes to school I will stay here. I am going to drive with him there and then fly home. We are stopping in Clovis to see all of our friends. It is so nice not to be in limbo anymore and we can start making plans for the future. This has been great news and we are very excited for what the future has in store.